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Russell Levine speaks to Wired on Amazon & Netflix impact on film distribution during Sundance 2016.

Sundance: Netflix has picked up streaming rights for three films including Tallulah starring Ellen Page

By offering bigger bids and budgets for less mainstream films, Amazon and Netflix could have a wider impact on the kinds of films that get made. “The offer they made for the global SVOD [or streaming] rights made it profitable for our investors,” says Russell Levine, the CEO of Route One and a producer of Tallulah, a film about the struggles of motherhood made with a largely female driven cast and crew.

Levine adds that the impact has already been tremendous for the film, but will also have a real impact on the future of films written by, directed by, and starring women. “The challenge for us is it’s a male-dominated distribution system… I think there’s a lack of understanding on the part of distributors about the power of the female market,” he adds. By getting the return on their investment with a streaming deal alone, he says investors will be more likely to make movies like Tallulah in the future.

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